Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean my Beeswax Re-Wraps?

Simply spot clean with cold water and mild dish soap. Avoid scrubbing and warm water, as these can wear away at the beeswax faster.

Can I cover all foods with Beeswax Re-Wraps?

You can cover all food other than meat (due to potential bacteria growth)! My rule of thumb is - if I would have covered it with plastic wrap, I'll cover it with my Re-Wrap! DO NOT cover anything that is still hot to the touch. This can melt the wax, so make sure you allow all food items to cool to room temperature or below before covering with a Re-Wrap. Occasionally a small amount of beeswax will cling to containers, so simply rub it off with warm water and dish soap, or put the container in the dishwasher. 

How many times can I reuse my Re-Wraps?

I double coat each of my wraps to be sure that the optimal amount of wax is absorbed into the cotton without the wraps getting too thick. I reuse my wraps until they no longer cling, which (depending on your usage) can take hundreds of uses. 

Where do all of these cool fabrics come from?!

I am a huge thrift store shopper, so most of the cotton comes from repurposed sheets, clothing, and beyond. I also will occasionally have donations and am always accepting 100% cotton! Because of this, each Re-Wrap is entirely unique and one of a kind.

Can I put my Re-Wraps in the refrigerator?

Of course! Once pressed onto the desired object, the Re-Wrap creates a seal, keeping your food fresh. DO NOT put your Re-Wrap into the microwave or oven, as this will melt the wax. 


My Re-Wraps seem less sticky after using them many times. Can I revive them?

Yes! After using your Re-Wraps several times, they might seem less sticky or look less new. This is just the nature of beeswax. But you can fix this! Simply heat your oven to 220 degrees, line a cookie sheet with parchment paper, and "cook" your Re-Wrap for two to five minutes. Be careful not to leave the Re-Wrap in the oven longer than a few minutes as this can burn the beeswax. Carefully peel your Re-Wrap off of the paper while it is still hot and hold it by the corners for a minute until the wax dries. This should re-settle the wax and your Re-Wrap will look good as new! 


I have another question/I want to chat about custom orders. How do I get in touch?

I am always looking to chat and am always welcoming custom orders! I have a "Contact" section at the top of the page. Please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you!