Why Beeswax Re-Wraps?

Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Sophie and I decided to create my own Beeswax Re-Wraps after feeling helpless in a world of plastic wrap. I came across a similar product as my Beeswax Re-Wraps in a local store, but was still frustrated with the lack of information on where many of the materials were coming from. I am a second hand fanatic and try to cover my body in only recycled materials, which got me thinking, "Hey..Why not cover my food in recycled materials as well?" 
Beeswax Re-Wraps are each made by my hand in Stonington, CT out of completely recycled 100% cotton that I personally choose and collect. I cut the cotton with pinking shears, which ensures that no fraying will occur. They are each coated with organic beeswax, organic damar resin, and organic jojoba oil. The beeswax provides the stiffness, the damar resin provides the flexibility and cling, and the jojoba oil provides antibacterial and anti-fungal elements. 
Beeswax Re-Wraps replace any need for unsustainable and unhealthy plastic wrap and can be reused hundreds of times, helping your wallet and our planet one wrap at a time!